Introduction to the company and Ziik

Create a welcome post in the news feed to introduce the new employee. The intent with the introduction is to give more than a new name to the company, first off a picture of the new employee should be included to give a face to the new name. Furthermore, a short background story, what position and some bonus information should be added. Bonus information can be a fun fact, favourite hobby or something similar. This is used as a tool to ease the transition into the company as well as enhancing their online profile.

Welcome the person by inviting them to the respective groups that they should be a part off. In order to quickly get in touch and get started, the person must be able to access those groups that concern their new position. This further inclines them to be more active from the get-go. You want to avoid a situation where the new employee is too scared to ask what and where to go on Ziik, make it easy and comfortable!

Send a personal welcome message using the chat in order to both show how the function works but also to give it a more personal touch. In this message it would be good to introduce them to the handbooks and documents they have access to and should read up on.

Furthermore, inform them that there is a FAQ section and a help center button that provide answers for their questions regarding Ziik's functions. The button is located in the top right corner of desktop version of Ziik.

User opportunities

There are several opportunities to further evolve the profile of the new employee, however as the user now owns the account we would recommend that you present the opportunities for them and they can simply follow this simple list beneath:

  • The most important feature for an employee to have a look at in terms of receiving information is the "notification" tab, where the user can decide how to receive which information. Our recommendation would be to always keep "app" and the the last 3 (depending on company) e-mail notifications on as they are the key to fast communication.
  • Under the tab of "profile", personal description and personal quote can be found and the opportunity to further present yourself could be expanding the network within the company further. E.g. LinkedIn provides the same function to better profile yourself. Furthermore, if the company is international you have the opportunity to add country to develop the profile even more.
  • Under the tab of "settings" the employee can always alter their password, select language if the person prefers a different language and put in date of birth and add it to calendar so that your colleagues remember to bring cake to your birthday, further enhancing internal branding.

What's Next

To get the gist of how to add and manage users, click the link and find out more.

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