The calendar features a couple of tricks that can be used to get even more out of the usage of it and they are simple to use.

Desktop only - Export calendar to application of choice 

People have a tendency to use iCal for iOS products and windows users tends to use outlook as a preferred calendar. Ziik also comes with a calendar, showing both shift schedule and upcoming events. Instead of having two different calendars you have the option to migrate these calendar together by pressing "iCal" and export the Ziik calendar.
The iCal button is located on the top bar, next to the current month or week shown. Simple press it, choose a program you would like to open it with and integrate with your personal calendar.
By using this tool, you enable yourself to once again, have all your information collected in one place.

Color coded events

This is a small feature, but nonetheless an important feature for faster understanding of the calendar.

  • When creating an event for only yourself or sharing with someone specific - the event will appear with a blue color. 
  • When creating an event for only your unit - the event will appear with an orange color.
  • When creating an event for all units - the event will appear with a green color.
  • When creating a shift on the shift schedule - the event(shift) will appear with a light yellow color.

Furthermore, when a busy calendar is presented with a lot of different activities, it can be good to filter depending on what you are in need off.
In the top bar, find "Filter" and press it, you will now be presented with a list of options with the same color match as the explained categories above.

Reoccurring Events 

Simplicity is key, in this case it is importance to be able to schedule meetings however you would like, this could potentially be used to set up weekly meetings, monthly meetings or project meetings.
When creating the event, the tool of "recurring events" can be used to personally modify when the meeting should reoccur. You can choose frequency, how often and what end date it should have. Do not worry if you would make a mistake as you can simply delete one and automatically you delete all of them. A good example of using this tool is to set up weekly board meetings, staff meetings, quarterly meetings or follow up on projects. 

Sharing is caring

Creating an event can be so specific that you could actively choose with who you share it with. This is a great tool if you need a one on one meeting, creating a workshop for a specific crowd or just inviting people out for a beer.
When creating the event, leave units blank and open "share with users", a search bar will appear and then all you have to do is type the persons name and you are good to go.
The receiver gets a notification and on the calendar the event is colored blue, indicating as previously mentioned that the event is private.

What's next?

To get the underlying knowledge of how the Calendar feature work please read the following article How does the Calendar work

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