This best practice guide introduces the Handbook module and the concept of a handbook. Additionally, it will give you our best suggestion on how to use it.

What is a handbook?

A handbook often contains internal business documents and articles with information about practical topics relevant to and aimed at your workplace. The handbooks may deal with any topic relevant to a certain job or department. Examples could include “how-to” books, instruction manuals etc. which employees will access if they have any questions or are searching for information. 

This content certainly benefits employees as well as the company's needs to have influence on how work process will be carried out. Moreover, a handbook can brief people on your company’s culture. For example, the company’s values, goals, and communication (e.g. etiquette). The Handbook can thereby be an easy way to communicate important aspects of your company's culture. Additionally, it will make an onboarding process of new employees easier as they will be able to search for answers to work related questions in the Handbook.

The Ziik-Handbook

Ziik has made it possible to upload handbooks. The handbooks are available for everybody all the time when accessing Ziik either when using your computer or your smartphone. If employees have questions about a certain work process they can easily look it up in the handbook.

With Ziik you will be able to give employees access to as many handbooks as you would like. It is also possible to give employees access to only the handbooks or chapters that are relevant to their work or their department.

Recommendation on how to use the Handbook module

Some handbooks might only be relevant for the headquarters (HQ) and some might be more relevant for the shop staff. 

For example the HQ could have a handbook on internal communication or Human Resource Management etc. Additionally, the marketing department could have a handbook on the social media strategy within the company or the store managers might need a handbook containing information on how to operate a shop. A handbook that could be relevant for all the employees within your company would be the staff handbook which contain information on working hours, vacation, salary, pension, sickness leave etc. Moreover, a staff handbook might also contain information on your compay's values and vision. 

We recommend that you take some time to implement this approach as we believe that handbooks has the potential to greatly impact and benefit your company's culture.

What’s next? 

If you want to learn more about how to create a handbook within the Handbook module we recommend that you read this article How does Handbooks work

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