This best practice guide introduces the FAQ module and the concept of the FAQ. Additionally, it will give you our best suggestion on how to use it.

What is the FAQ?

The FAQ (Frequently asked questions) function contains a list of questions and answers that might commonly be asked in some context relevant to and aimed at your workplace. It can be useful as the go-to destination for finding answers to specific questions about your business operation. Your FAQ can also act as the first point of contact for employees looking for answers before they reach out to management directly with their questions. This can save time for both the employees and the management.

The Ziik-FAQ

Ziik has made it possible to upload quistions and answers in the FAQ. The FAQs are available for everybody all the time when accessing Ziik either when using your computer or your smartphone. 

Employees can use the search function within the FAQ to find the answer to a specific question. Or you do not even have to access the FAQ to search for a answer, as you can use the search function in the top left-hand side corner which is visible no matter what module you are using. 

You can also divide the different quistions into categories. For example quistions related to either different job specialities (e.g. marketing, sales etc.), employee benefits (e.g. vacation, birthdays, bonuses etc.), rules and regulation (e.g. work hours on holidays, salary etc.) ect. 

With Ziik you will be able to give employees access to as many FAQs as you would like. It is also possible to give employees access to only the FAQs that are relevant to their work or their department. 

Our recommendation when writing a FAQ

We recommend when writing a FAQ that you focus on clear communication and the goal you are trying to achieve with each question and answer of your FAQ. We recommend clear answers so that you do not lose your audience by giving them more than they need. 

An example could be:

What’s next? 

If you want to learn more about how to create a FAQ within Ziik we recommend that you read this article How does the FAQ work.

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