The News Feed is the best place to get a holistic overview of what's currently happening in your unit and the groups that you're a part of. You'll be able to see any new discussions that have been started in your groups, new events and activities that have been added to your calendar, as well as news posts that have been made by either yourself or other users. Thus, it is a great starting point for getting an update on current developments. 

When to Post in the News Feed

One of Ziik's key aspirations is to minimise noise by cancelling out everything that isn't essential to the user. While the system already has a multitude of measures in place to achieve this goal, it is also important that the users understand which platform is appropriate for which information.

A question you should ask yourself before creating a news post is for whom the information you're planning to share is relevant. Perhaps it only concerns one or two specific user types. Perhaps its only important for one or two specific sub-units. Or perhaps its only relevant for one user type in one sub-unit. In either of these cases you're best of utilising the "Share with units" feature to specify the target group of your news post. 

Additionally, you should take a look at the information you're planning to share and ask yourself whether it's unique information, e.g. information about your organisations Christmas dinner, or whether it's part of an ongoing project such as a marketing campaign. In the latter case it might make more sense to create a group specifically for that project or effort rather than posting it to the news feed.

When to Use Read Confirmation

The ability to request read confirmations for your news posts allows you to give the recipients an indication of the importance of your posting. That being said, it is crucial that you only use it when it is appropriate to do so. If the feature is overused it looses its ability to create a hierarchy of importance amongst news posts.

An easy way of determining whether or not to enable read confirmations for the post your about to post is to think about the relevance of the information for those who you're sharing it with. If it is not crucial that they're aware of what you're sharing then perhaps you shouldn't enable read confirmation. An example of such a post could be one in which you're informing your colleagues about the fact that the coffee machine isn't working. That way the Tasks channel of communication stays clear for those updates that are crucial. These crucial updates could include posts about changes in your organisations HR policies or about upcoming trade show appearances.

When to Bookmark a Post

Using the News Feed's filter function you're always just two clicks away from your personal collection of bookmarked news posts. This makes the bookmarking feature very useful in the sense that you can save those posts that contain important information and easily get back to them at a later point in time. 

What's Next?

The news feed is located right at the heart of Ziik. This means that it interacts with a variety of the modules available and functions as a catalyst. 

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