Before you can begin to add or manage your units you'll have to select the Contacts module which you can find under the "Help and Information" section of your side bar. Here you simply have to choose the "Units" category from the list on the left and then you're ready to go.

At this point it is also important to mention that your user type needs to be permitted to actually edit or create units. Permissions can be set for individual user types by clicking the cog icon in the top left hand corner and selecting "Administer User Types" from the drop-down menu. Be aware however, that you need to be a system administrator to be able to make changes to your own or anyone else's permissions.

How to Create a Single Unit

To add a unit you have to navigate to the add unit section of the top bar. Here you can create a single unit by either clicking the plus sign or the words "Create Unit". 

Doing so will open a unit set-up window which will ask you to give the unit a name, select its unit type, and also select its parent unit. 

In case you're creating your first unit in Ziik then this will be regarded as a parent unit.

How to Create Multiple Units

As an alternative to adding one unit at a time you can also add a large number of units to the system by using Ziik's upload function. You can find this function by clicking the "Import" icon next to "Create Unit". This will prompt the system to ask you to upload a spreadsheet file containing the units that you would like to add. 

Once you've uploaded your file you'll be asked to match the headers of your spreadsheet to the ones used by Ziik. Ziik will auto-match your headers if they're already correctly labelled. The system requires you to at least include the following information about your units in your spreadsheet:

  1. Name
  2. Parent Unit

You can of course also include address and contact information in your spreadsheet if you'd like. 

Please make sure that you always follow a top down approach when adding units with the upload function. What is meant by this is that you should start with the units furthest up in the hierarchy and work your way down.

How to Delete a Unit

To delete a unit you have to select the unit in question from the grid. After doing this you now have to click on "Delete unit" which can be found in the top right hand corner to delete the unit.

How to Change a Unit's Parent Unit

In order to change a unit's parent unit you'll again have to select the desired unit from the unit grid. Once you've done this you can see that unit's current parent unit in the address section. Clicking on the current parent will open a selection window in which you'll be able to assign a new parent unit.

What's Next?

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