To find a grid view of all your suppliers you first need to head on over to Ziik's Contacts module which you can find in the "Help and Information" section of the side bar. Following this, simply select the "Suppliers" category and you'll with arrive at your desired destination.

At this point it is also important to mention that your user type needs to be permitted to manage suppliers. Permissions can be set for individual user types by clicking the cog icon in the top left hand corner and selecting "Administer User Types" from the drop-down menu. Be aware however, that you need to be a system administrator to be able to make changes to your own or anyone else's permissions.

How to Create a Supplier

In order to add a new supplier to the system you first have to click either the plus sign or the words "Create supplier", both found in the top right hand corner of the "Suppliers" category. Doing so will open up a set-up window that will allow you to give the Supplier a name and select the units and user types for which this supplier is to be visible. 

How to Edit a Supplier

You can edit a supplier by selecting the one in question from your supplier grid and then making changes to his profile. Ziik allows you to store a broad spectrum of supplier information, ranging from simple address and contact informations to payment terms. To change any of the information stored you just have to click the current information and you'll be enabled to change it.

How to Delete a Supplier

Should you wish to delete a supplier you can do so by first going to his profile in your contacts module. Here you'll see that it says "Delete supplier" in the top right hand corner. Click it and you'll be asked to confirm that you do in fact actually want to delete that specific supplier. Simply respond with yes to this and the supplier will be removed from your system.

What's Next?

The right to manage your organisation's suppliers is controlled through the user types. To learn more about how to set up and manage user types you can read this article from our set-up section How to manage User Types and Permissions.

Feel free to read about how Contacts works on a mobile device by reading this article How does Contacts work (Mobile).

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