Tasks will be added to other users' Tasks module when you ask for read confirmation while posting a news post. Instead of just seeing your post in their news feed, the users which are addressed by your post will also see it in their Tasks module, requiring them to tell the system that they've read and understood your news post. Thus, you'll be able to track who has and who hasn't read your post, easing your follow-up process.

You can find your Tasks module in the side bar and clicking it will present you with a feed containing all the posts that have asked for your read confirmation.

How to Create a Task

You add tasks to the Tasks modules of other users by creating a news post with read confirmation enabled and posting it. Doing so will add your post to the Tasks modules of all the users types in the units that you've shared your post with. This means that you can control who has to confirm your post by controlling who can see it in the first place.

How to Clear a Task

Once you've been given a task you can clear it by navigating to your Tasks module. Here you'll see that in addition to the options of liking or bookmarking a post you'll now have the third option of confirming that you've read the given post. However, please notice that this button will first appear once you've expanded the news post by clicking "Read more". 

Once you've done this the "Read this" button will appear and you'll be able to confirm that you've read the post in its entirety.

How to Tell Who's Confirmed that They've Read Your Post

When you post a news post with read confirmation enabled to the news feed you'll notice that there's a little blue bell icon in the bottom right corner of your post. Clicking this icon will allow you to see a list of all the users who've clicked the "Read this" button and, thus, confirmed that they've read your post. Additionally you'll be able to tell who's just looked at the post but hasn't yet confirmed that've read it.

What's Next?

Tasks proves to be a useful supporting feature for using the news feed, especially in terms of creating a hierarchy in terms of the urgency of news posts. A good next step would now be to read our feature article about news posts How to create a News Post, as well as our best practice article about the news feed How to use the News Feed most effectively, which gives advice on when to use read confirmations.

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