What is Calendar

Calendar is a feature that is what it sounds like, your work calendar. You can create and take part of upcoming activities/events to be sure that you have a clear overview of upcoming activities.

Ziik allows you to create activities that are personal, for a selected group or the entire organization. This means that you can stay on top of all activities that has something to do with you. The feature is useful to keep track of e.g. meetings, campaigns, events and social activities. 

How to use Calendar

To use the feature, you go to “Calendar” on the left side bar on Ziik. Once there, you start creating a new activity by holding your marker over the day you want it to start and press the + icon. 

In the window that opens you describe the activity you want to create. To share an activity you can either chose to add units that you would like to share it with (user types will appear once checking at least one unit), or with a specific person under “share activity with”. Additionally, you can choose to add location, a web link and the time for the activity. By pressing save the activity is officially created.

Recurring calendar activity 

If you have activities that you know are recurring, you can schedule all of them at once. By checking the recurring activity box you can add the frequency of the event, e.g. if it is recurring on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You also have to choose when you want the event to stop recurring.

Edit or delete activity

If you made a misstake, or simply would like to edit or delete an activity you can do so by clicking on the activity and then the icon that appears in the top right corner of the screen. If choosing to edit, the same window that appears when you create an activity opens. If choosing to delete, the activity will be deleted directly.

Filtering activity types

You can separate between  common activities, your units activities, your activities and your shifts. You do this by pressing the filter button on the menu above the calendar. When doing so, you will be offered the opportunity to chose which option you want to display, filtering out all other activities. 

Additional information

A user can only share an activity in its own unit or in one of its subunits. The calendar is integrated with the shift schedule, which means that a user can see his/her shifts together with all the other activities. Moreover, Ziik also allows for you to export your calendar to your external calendar by clicking the iCal button. 

What's next?

In summary, Calendar is a feature that helps structures your work, book activities and stay on top of what is going on in the organisation. To learn more about Calendar, read How to get the most out of Calendar.

Feel free to read about how the Calendar works on a mobile device by reading this article How does the Calendar work (Mobile).

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