How to locate the search function

The Search bar is always located on the top left corner of your Ziik interface, no matter which menu you are currently in. To access the search function, simply press the white box and start to write.

How does the search bar function?

The word or words that you put into the search bar becomes keywords, locating anything previously written with those words which you have access to. Underneath the search function, a list will be automated which contains all search result and is scroll able. Additionally, when searching you can also press "enter" and a full menu will be opened with all results listed after the specific feature (FAQ, chat, profile, etc). Simply press the result you are interested in and the search function will take you directly to it.

Example of a page landing hit

Note; no scrolling is necessary as the search function would automatically land you on the specific content that matches your keyword.

What's next?

Feel free to read about how the Search function works on a mobile device by reading this article How does the Search function work (Mobile).

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