On the picture below, you see the overview of the shift schedule. Once you access the shift schedule, you will see all the scheduled shifts (green), empty shifts (red) and planned vacation (blue) in your unit. This gives a clear idea of who is working when, both for employees and planners.

Shift scheduling 

As indicated in the picture above, each user has its own row where all the shifts appear. To assign a person a new shift you simply place your cursor above the box that covers the right day on that person’s row and press the + icon that appears. A new window will open, there you will be able to decide whether it is a shift or vacation, the duration of the shift as well as the duration of a potential break. Additionally, as a planner, you have the opportunity to add notes that are only visible for planners and comments that the employees can see. To save the shift press the blue save button on the lower right corner of the window (See picture below).

Open shifts

If there is a shift that needs to be covered but that has not been assigned to any employee yet, you can create it as an open shift in a unit. By doing so, it will appear for your employees in red (see the first picture). Based on what permissions you have you are either able to apply for, take or see an empty shift. To figure out which, press on an empty shift and you will see what you are able to do with it.

Scheduling an employee from another unit

Please note that employees also can be assigned to shifts available in other units. If you have permission to create, edit and delete shifts in your own unit and below, you can assign people to shifts in other units/departments. By clicking on the name of your unit in the top menu all units that you have access to will appear. By choosing a new unit you will access the shift scheduling for that unit. To assign an employee from another unit, you start by creating an open shift. Then you simply select the shift and you will have the opportunity to chose whom you want to assign for the shift in the new window that appears.

Trade/request trade 

 If you for some reason cannot take a shift assigned to you, it is possible to open up a shift or request a trade (if your user type has the permission to do so). By requesting a trade, the shift will still be assigned to you until one of your colleagues takes the shift. However, if you open it up it will be unassigned until someone takes it. 

In practice, you do this by pressing the shift you want to trade/request a trade for and a window will appear and you will have the opportunity to press request trade or reset asignee (open shift). By pressing either of those two options the status of the shift will immediately be updated.

Using templates

If you have a recurring weekly schedule you can save it as a template to avoid having to put in the shifts every week. To save a template you start by assigning all the shifts for that week. The second step is to press "Templates" in the top menu and then save the current week as a template and chose a name for it, e.g. odd weeks. Once you have saved it you can apply it to a new week. This is done by simply pressing "Templates" again, followed by "Apply template to current week" and then chose the template you want to apply.


Ziik offers you the opportunity to report the hours that your employees worked over a time period, which is useful for the management of salaries. By clicking "Reporting" you will be able to set the time for which you want to report the hours. Once you have selected the period, all the shifts of the employees will appear, indicating how many shifts and hours they have worked during the period. You can then export it to an excel sheet by pressing "Export" at the bottom of the screen.

What's next

The Shift Schedule on Desktop offers has a lot of features but it is basically a tool to keep track of who is working in all units. By being able to schedule employees in other units you can conveniently make sure that you have the necessary manpower where it is needed. For employees it is an easy way to keep track of when they are working and to take/change shifts. To read more about shift scheduling feel free to have a look at How to better use the Shift Schedule and How Does the Shift Schedule work (mobile).

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