In order to find the Handbooks module on your smartphone simply open up your Ziik app. Once your inside the app, Handbooks will appear as an icon on your homepage.

While using the mobile app you won't be able to edit, create, or delete any handbooks inside the module. You'll only be able to view the handbooks for which you have the adequate permissions. 

Should you wish to use the edit, create, or delete function please use the desktop app.

What's Next?

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In Ziik, the Handbooks feature is supplemented with an FAQ feature, allowing you to have distinct locations for different kinds of guidelines. We'd therefore also like to recommend you to read our FAQ article How does FAQ work to understand how it works and what role it plays next to Handbooks.

Feel free to read about how Handbooks works on desktop by reading this article How does Handbooks work (Desktop).

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