Ziik offers a 100% customisable hierarchy to fit any organisation. The hierarchy becomes the underlying mechanism for many of Ziik's features and creates a way to share information and documents simply and effectively across the entire organisation.

The rest of this article will explain how the hierarchy works in-depth and will not cover how to set up the hierarchy. To understand how to set up the hierarchy have a look at this article How to set up my organisation in Ziik.

What is the logic of Ziik's hierarchy

The logic of the hierarchy is based on a top-down information flow. Meaning that if you are placed in a unit at the bottom of the hierarchy you can only share information within your own unit. On the contrary, if you are placed in a unit at the top of the hierarchy, you can share information within your own unit and all units below in the hierarchy. 

Of course, there are ways in which you can go around the hierarchy and the sharing of information is also based on the permissions of your assigned User Type, but the logic still holds. This allows you to target information to the specific needs of the units in the hierarchy and ensure that all information stays relevant.

Which features are based on the hierarchy

Most features in Ziik is based on the hierarchy, it might be more relevant to mention the features that are not based on the hierarchy which includes Groups and Chat. Groups allows you to go around the hierarchy and create workgroups with users from all units regardless of their position in the hierarchy. Chat offers a way to communicate one-to-one with everyone within the organisation. 

However, when sharing a News Post, creating a Handbook, writing a new FAQ, adding a Calendar Activity or uploading a Document you will be asked to specify which unit or units to target and it is here the hierarchy comes into play. In the individual articles of the mentioned features this is both explained and shown, if you want to know more. 

How should the hierarchy be setup

Generally, employees from Ziik will consult with you when setting up or making changes to the hierarchy. With that being said, the setup of the hierarchy should match the organisational structure of your organisation or alternatively resemble the desired information flow within your organisation. 

What's next? 

Now that you understand the hierarchy within Ziik it is time to explore the features to understand how you can use the hierarchy to share information in a effective and simple manner. Moreover, if you wish to learn how to setup the hierarchy then have a look at this article How do I set up my organisation in Ziik?.

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