The Look and Feel feature within Ziik allows you to make the app look, feel and resemble your organisation. The feature allows you to customise the things such as color coding, logo and mobile background. Note, you can only manage Look and Feel if you are a administrator, to read more about administrators go to this article (Article coming).

How to access Look and Feel

To access the feature click the settings icon in the top right-hand corner. Hereafter click "Administer Look and Feel" and you will be directed to the Look and Feel feature. 

What can you change within Look and Feel

Initially, you can change the name and text for sig-up page: 

  • Name: It is recommended that you find a name for your intranet. 
  • Text for sig-up page: New users will see this message when they login first-time or when they reset their password and login again.
  • Company Legal Name: Used for the consent in relation to GDPR 
  • Link to Privacy Policy: Used for the consent in relation to GDPR

You can furthermore change logos and background displayed within your app: 

  • Desktop logo: Insert the brand logo for desktop here. Please note there is a padding of 20 pixel. The field width is 260 pixel. The image will be centered in the width. The height will be the height of your image.
  • Mobile logo: Insert the logo you want to appear on your mobile app here. The ground color is the same color chosen in the Top bar. It is recommended to use the logo in .png format with transparent background. 
  • Mobile background: Insert a background picture that you want to appear on the front screen of the mobile app. The picture will be 100 % in the height and fit to the screen in width. The optimal size is W1125 x H2436 pixel or any size in that proportion. 

Lastly, you can change the color of both the top bar and icons within your app: 

  • Top bar: Align the top bar color with your brand. Pick the color or insert the Hex or RCB code.
  • Icon: Select the text and icon color in the Top bar.

What' next

Now that you understand how to administer the Look and Feel of you Work App it is time for you to understand how the app is administered in terms of hierarchy. The hierarchy is just as big a part of the feeling of the app as the Look and Feel, since the hierarchy dictates how can see what within Ziik. Read the following article How does Ziik's hierarchy work

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